BigTangle is a protocol for the internet of value.

BigTangle is a cryptocurrency network extending the directed acyclic graph architecture Tangle. Through the use of industry standard big data technology in conjunction with the parallelizable architecture, BigTangle sees itself as a successor to Bitcoin that focuses on economically important key use-cases. Proof-of-Work mining and custom token self-issuances are supported.
Key Feartures are: Easy of Use, Completely Feeless, Near Time Transaction, Infinite Scalability, Permissionless, Trustless, Decentralized, Distributed Proof of Work and Quantum Security.

Test Wallet Download

On Windows, use bin\bigtangle-wallet.bat to start the wallet application.
On Linux/Mac, start bin/bigtangle-wallet.

Use Cases

By providing scalable infrastructure, BigTangle allows the global transaction volume to be processed in one network. Most importantly, this offers infrastructural cost advantages by eliminating complex, costly processes of traditional payment processing.
Fiat Money
For banks and central banks, the token issuance protocol can be used to issue bank-backed tokens denoting conventional fiat money. Fiat money transactions can then feasibly be processed within seconds on a worldwide scale.
Markets for stocks, bonds etc. can easily be realized by creating new token equivalents. Companies can publish stocks and use the BigTangle network. The existing stock markets can be fully integrated by using BigTangle as a financial back-end.
Supply Chain
Under the assumption of trustworthy suppliers issuing authenticity tokens, it is trivial to track product authenticity via token transfers. This allows the trustless tracking of inventories in supply chains for consumers and middlemen alike.
Decentralized E-commerce Platforms
All products and services can be tracked on the network, enabling anyone to build decentralized e-commerce platforms.
Micro Transactions
Services can charge payments in microdollar range or via hashing power due to the departure from winner-takes-it-all, allowing for new business models, e. g. online newspapers with alternatives to commercial advertisement.


Completely Feeless
Transfers and exchanges of value are free of charge, only requiring computational power of a few seconds for standard consumer electronics.
Real-Time Confirmation.
Transaction confirmation times stay in the range of seconds even for millions of transactions per second. The confirmation time scales logarithmically with transaction throughput.
Infinite Scalability
The implementation is based on big data technology and can process million transactions per second. This technology fulfills the requirements of a global scale transaction network.
Distributed Proof of Work and Quantum Security
The clients perform transactions in cooperation with server nodes by solving simple, quantum secure proof-of-work. The server nodes can act as miners and/or provide services for the clients, earning mining rewards in return.
Permissionless, Trustless, Decentralized
Transfers, markets and network participation are all permissionless, trustless and decentralized. Anyone can host new network nodes. Anyone can perform transactions and participate in mining. Anyone can build markets or e-commerce platforms.
Custom Token Issuances
BigTangle sees itself as a successor to Bitcoin, focusing on economically important key use-cases via token issuances. It supports all functions supported by Bitcoin, including but not limited to mining.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is BigTangle?

BigTangle is a practical approach to scalable cryptocurrencies employing state-of-the-art big data technologies in combination with the highly scalable Tangle directed acyclic graph base architecture. It achieves high performance in terms of transaction throughput by parallelizing computations on a general directed acyclic block graph instead of a blockchain.

Why is it called BigTangle?

Our solution adapts the principles of Tangle in a powerful environment by employing state-of-the-art big data technologies.

What are the features of BigTangle?

Baseline properties provided by BigTangle are high network hashing power due to mining, near infinite scalability in terms of transactions per second, sufficiently fast transaction confirmation times, full decentralization, trustlessness and permissionlessness, feeless transactions, in-principle quantum readiness and normalized inflation.

When and how will the ICO take place?

The ICO is planned to begin in June or July. More information will be released soon!

How can I host a node myself?

As soon as the public Testnet node is released, you can host your own network node. The release is scheduled to take place approximately at the start of the ICO. The requirements are dynamic and depend on the network usage. Baseline requirements will be published regularly after Testnet release.