1. Click the "Buy" button, accept the terms and enter the purchase page.

2. On the purchase page, click “Direct Buy” to enter the product description page.

3.On the product description page, click on the "Add to Cart" link and go to the shopping cart page.

4.In the shopping cart page, after entering the quantity you want to purchase, click on the “Pay” link. The BIG Coin is priced in ETH, and your currency will be converted into BIG Coin via daily price.

4.1 If you are not logged in, you will be taken to the login page.

5.After logging in, on the payment page, click on the "pay" link to enter the order page.

6. On the orders page, click the "Search" button to see the purchase record.

7. please pay the amount using your bank with the order number

8. After your payment is confirmed by us, click on the "Account Deposit" menu to enter the deposit page. You can see your balance and the number of BIG coins.

9. Click the "Public Keys" menu to enter the public address editing page, enter your public address and save.

You can reuse your Bitcoin public address or generate new public address via https://bigtangle.net